German Reunite rods, also called French rods, are a favorite kind of drapery pole which have gained acceptance in recent years. They’re distinctive in their design and offer a basic look that can boost the design of any room.

The French Reunite pole features a graceful curve at the end of the pole, which allows the drapery to come back to the wall. That function not only adds an elegant touch to the window treatment but additionally offers a seamless appearance. The drapery sections simply glide along the rod, without any apparent electronics or brackets.

One of many advantages of the French Reunite pole is its versatility. It may be used with a variety of drapery models, including pinch pleat, grommet, and pole pocket. Additionally, the pole can be used with any fabric type, including heavier materials like velvet and silk.

Yet another benefit of French Get back supports is their durability. They are manufactured from supreme quality resources, such as for instance steel or iron, that are created to last for years. french return rods are available in a range of sizes to fit any screen, and they may be tailor made to match specific measurements.

When it comes to installation, German Reunite rods are not too difficult to install. They could be installed straight onto the wall, or they could be mounted with brackets. The brackets are usually concealed behind the pole, providing the looks of a floating rod.

Overall, German Return rods are an excellent selection for anyone seeking to include a little elegance for their screen treatments. They provide a classic and timeless search that can improve the design of any room. Making use of their longevity and flexibility, they are a clever expense that can be loved for years to come.


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